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Cambridge Markers Brass Motif Stud



Main Contr        




Cambridge City Council    

Magdalen St & Bridge St, Cambridge

urbanfinish / Cambridge City Council

Brass Inlaid Heritage Marker Studs

Solid Brass

Manufactured by us in the UK

In historic central Cambridge we manufactured and installed a set of embossed motif Heritage Markers in Solid Brass.

We installed the Anti-Slip Heritage studs into the existing pavement surface ensuring that there was no disruption to the public.

urbanfinish in 'heritage' landscapes ... Heritage Markers in Solid Brass, Magdelene St & Bridge St, Cambridge


Nisi Prius, Carlisle

Part m Visibility Inserts in Solid Brass.

manufactured and installed by urbanfinish

urbanfinish studs at trophy gate entrance

Hampton Court Palace, London

Euro Part m tactile studs in Solid Brass.

manufactured and installed by urbanfinish

for Historic Royal Palaces

York Walls 02 York Walls 03

"York Walls" Historic Trail

York, England

pavement stud 15d

above: "Courtyard" Marker in solid bronze