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We manufacture a wide range of Blister Tactile Paving fittings - from the Highway™ Heavy Duty fitting which we produce for local authorities in the UK in accordance with the regulations (1991), or TopGrip Anti-Slip, Cross-Grip, Zircol-Topped - and many other versions. Whichever type is chosen, all are designed to be retro-fitted into almost any existing paving. Our Technical Services office provides great assistance to clients and contractors to install the units.

Grade 316 Stainless Steel, Brass, Bronze or Resin-Filled HD Composite (any RAL colour). Grid pattern layout is used to indicate pedestrian crossings with dropped kerbs, light-controlled crossings, and crossings with no traffic lights. Offset pattern layout is used to indicate the edge of the platform at Rail stations, or off-street applications. The set-out of the pattern is critical - the rows of blisters must be parallel to the kerb-edge, and generally set back 400mm back. A dedicated site drilling template can be supplied to suit any application - contact our tactile paving Technical Services office for assistance. Our Tactile Paving services offer the full range of textured ground surface indicators found on many footpaths, stairs and train stations platforms to assist blind and vision impaired pedestrians. Tactile warnings provide a distinctive surface pattern of "truncated domes" or cones which are detectable by a cane or underfoot which are used to alert pedestrians. The studs have been tested and have passed the pendulum slip test in both wet and dry conditions. The studs are fixed by drilling the paving and resin-ing into position. Fully compliant to the building regulations and the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA)

circular-grooved-tactile-paving-stud black cicrle grip topgrip brass TopGrip tactile anti-slip Part M DDA

Highway™ Heavy Duty Elongated-Stem tactile stud by urbanfinish

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Highway-Specification  tactile stud with elongated anchor stem designed for vehicular-trafficked areas and particular where the substrate is asphalt or similar the Highway™ Heavy Duty tactile stud by urbanfinish is the answer.

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