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DDA Part M Corduroy Hazard Warning Fittings "STEP ALERT" suitable to be retro-fitted into all paving finishes

Stainless Steel, Brass or HD Composite [any RAL colour] providing Part M compliance in the highest quality finish.


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Specification clause for STEP ALERT Corduroy Hazard Warning by urbanfinish.

Corduroy Hazard Warning treatment to be provided by retro-fitting of 20x6mm half round fittings as manufactured by urbanfinish. These are to be fitted to 50mm spacing and, as per the guidance notes produced in accordance with DDA/Part M Regulations, to a depth of 800mm starting 400mm back from top/bottom step. Allowance is to be made for coverage 400mm beyond the width of the steps each side. Material to be Stainless Steel/Brass/HD Composite to RAL colour.


The corduroy surface provides a hazard warning to visually impaired people, for example: steps, level crossings or the approach to on-street light rapid transit (LRT) platforms. It is also used where a footway joins a shared route.

It conveys the message 'hazard warning, proceed with caution'. Part M and DDA corduroy fittings in HD composite - retro-installed into any pavement or floor surface anti-slip finish - HD Zircol Composite Step-Alert corduroy fittings are manufactured precisely to the Part M and DDA regulations; exactly to the recommended dimension and achieves a neat finish on all surfaces.


The profile of the corduroy surface comprises rounded bars running transversely across the direction of pedestrian travel. The bars are 6mm (± 0.5mm) high, 20mm wide and spaced 50mm from the centre of one bar to the centre of the next (Figure 02). It is recommended that the corduroy surface be in a contrasting colour from the surrounding flooring to assist partially sighted people and stainless steel is perfect for this.

TopGrip part m corduroy Tactile-Paving-Corduroy-ADM standard anti-slip corduroy TopGrip Corduroy finish corduroy into resin bound

TopGrip™ anti-slip corduroy

part m hazard warning strips

retro-fitted by urbanfinish

into stone tiles

anti-slip stainless steel

corduroy strips

retro-fitted into

resin-bound surface

by urbanfinish

corduroy strips

into limestone paving

by urbanfinish

standard anti-slip

part m corduroy strips


part m corduroy strips