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Hemisphere Skate-Stop fittings for timber benches urban spaces.Half-sphere ball-type  Skate-Stop fittings for benches and walls etc.   JJ-type teardrop skateboard deterrent fittings in stainless steel and brass.  BANCO-type skateboard deterrent fittings in stainless steel satinised finish.  MADERA-type skateboard deterrent fittings in stainless steel satinised finish.Copper and Bronze Skate-Stop



urbanfinish at Belgrade Square Coventry Skate-Stops by urbanfinish urbanfinish at Coventry urbanfinish at Wembley Park Skate-Stops London BS-type 2010 urbanfinish Banco Skate-Stop urbanfinish anti-social deterrent urbanfinish-Skate-Strap Skate-Stop deterrent FT Eldon Square urbanfinish

Skate-Stop BN-type

retro-fitted by urbanfinish

into red sandstone

at Belgrade Square


MetroLine skate-stop deterrents by urbanfinish

into concrete seating at Wembley Park Boulevard, London

KS-type-Skate-Stop TF4-type BN1 Circular-Infill Banco-SM-type MADERA-type-Skate-Stop

Skate-Stop BN-type

Skate-Stop JJ-type

Skate-Stop JJ-type

Skate-Stop WH-type

Skate-Stop BS-type

Skate-Stop ST-type

Skate-Stop KR-type

Skate-Stop BKT8-type

Skate-Stop BBH-type

Skate-Stop "Ornate"

Skate-Stop BR-type

Skate-Stop "Banco"

Skate-Stop TF-type

Skate-Stop "radiused"