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Ipswich001 2 SS CrissCross 182 198 exhibition road tactile studs sw7 urbanfinish part m corduroy BN-type-3 Tactile-Paving-Part-M-Cordu Part-M-Discs Brass Motif Stud TF-type-2

We manufacture low dome studs, parking studs, marker studs, baymarker studs, brass tactile paving studs, demarcation markers, visibility insert fittings, parking shop markers, Part M corduroy hazard warning surfaces, Skate-Stop units, stainless steel tactile paving services, skateboard deterrents and special inlays, bollards, cycle racks, litter bins, seats and benches. The street products and fittings we design and manufacture are all from UK sourced raw material and are ISO 9001 manufactured under our own regimes for use in the built environment in the UK.

ANTI-SLIP street products to R13 rating including SRV values in accordance with the European Standard DIN 51130:2004 and Pendulum Tested to 76+, all to ISO 9001 standards.

Classic-BR-200 CrissCross-SS-200 Highway-Tactile-200x127 CrissCross-BR-200 pavement stud 15d urbanfinish-Skate-Strap -02 York Walls RBKC-BayMarker75 BayMarker-Car-Park-50 2 TF5 2 Madera 2 seafood-restaurant-studs 2 Inspire-Marker-Stud 2 GH-type Coloured to bench 2 Large-Dished-Demarcation-Di 2

Skate-Stop matched in colour to harmonise with charcoal granite

Part M compliant fittings for Building Control use ..

"Heritage" engraved markers all materials

"Inspire" engraved themed stud

"Baroque" engraved heritage stud

"Contempory" engraved standard demarcation stud available in stainless steel, brass, copper & bronze

Skate-Stop TF fittings installed to comtempory metal benches

"BayMarker" Car Park studs in various sizes & materials

"Banco" tamperproof Skateboard protection

"Courtyard" rustic satinised marker stud

urbanfinish is the UK's principal manufacturer, supplier and installer of tactile paving studs and other specialist fittings for the built environment,

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